Analyzing Your Year-End Results To Ensure Long-Term Success

Your end-of-year appeal is over and I’m sure you have been tracking each gift as they arrived – through the website, phone, or mail and hopefully over social media and SMS. How did your end-of-year fundraising tally up? Now is the time to take a moment to celebrate, 2020 presented an unprecedented fundraising landscape and …

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Ayham is Turning 3!

Hiba had called me during the week and reminded me that Ayham’s birthday is Feb 10. He is turning 3 years old! This will be his first birthday in Canada. We agreed that she would bake a cake and bring it over to our house on Saturday Feb 11. Jamal had chicken marinating and he …

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Will Mobile Transform Canadian Fundraising?

Incorporating mobile support into fundraising programs has transformed individual giving in many countries around the world. It has re-invigorated tired channels and created new ways to engage supporters. Could mobile deliver the same big changes to Canadian fundraising? What is Mobile Fundraising? Mobile fundraising engages new and existing supporters through text-to-donate, text-to-support and text-to-get campaigns. …

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Cooking Lessons

The pop up restaurant in December was a real success. Two of our staff who attended asked if they could setup a date to have private cooking lessons with Hiba.  This was arranged for Feb 4. Hiba came early in the afternoon and she and Karl did all the shopping. Then Bre and Morgan arrived …

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Heart & Stroke
Propensity Modelling

Goal – Propensity modelling The Heart & Stroke Foundation has, for more than 60 years, been dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. Their work has saved thousands of lives and improved the lives of millions of others. With the growth of Heart & Stroke’s monthly file being a strategic priority for the organization, they …

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Propensity Modelling

20 Days

Since we have met Jamal and Hiba this is definitely the longest we have gone without seeing each other.  We were away for 20 days from mid December.  Most days Hiba and I would text through WhatsApp – at least whenever I could find wifi we did. We were due to arrive back to Montreal …

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West Island Palliative Care
Donor Engagement

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Goal – Donor engagement Our client West Island Palliative Care (the Residence) provides a unique environment of love and personal care to people who are facing the end of their lives through terminal illness. The charity has an active and passionate support base, many of who have had family members and close friends experience …

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Donor Engagement