Cooking Lessons

The pop up restaurant in December was a real success. Two of our staff who attended asked if they could setup a date to have private cooking lessons with Hiba.  This was arranged for Feb 4. Hiba came early in the afternoon and she and Karl did all the shopping. Then Bre and Morgan arrived at 3pm, cooking commenced, partners turned up at 6pm to eat all the lovely food.  We had lots of jokes and laughing during the afternoon.  It was a really nice day. It was special because Hiba came by herself so had a few hours on her own before the whole brood turned up at 6.  Jamal said he spent the whole day saying ‘Bes Ayham’, ‘Bes Ahmed’, ‘Bes Ayham’, ‘Bes Ahmed’. ‘Bes’ means stop in Arabic. He said never again will he watch the kids without Hiba.