25 years of experience with a track record in innovation and results

At Fundraising Direct we are passionate about innovation and creativity. We deliver fundraising solutions that drive progress and change and support the mission of our clients, the leading not-for-profit organizations and charities in Canada.

We believe in a donor-centric approach and put the supporter relationship at the centre of everything we do. Your mission, data, and supporter insights drive the execution across all channels, including out of home, digital, direct mail, and telephone.

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To deliver creative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations and fundraising goals


A community of prosperous and progressive not-for-profit organizations achieving success


  • To lead the market in direct response
  • To influence social change
  • To inspire and nurture excellence
  • To deliver value through efficiency

The people that make it happen

Karl Holweger
Owner & Founder

+ About Karl

After 25 years of creating fundraising programs for UK charities and running one of the UK’s largest fundraising agencies, Karl decided to move to a place with less rain, proper mountains, and a progressive government. Apart from helping clients to come up with great fundraising strategies, his main role is as the agency’s coffee-boy. When not busy running the agency Karl can be found on any type of board. (snow, kite, or long)

Graeme Binning

+ About Graeme

With a track record in running operations in four different countries and the inaugural employee at Fundraising Direct, Graeme has a hand in everything that goes on at the agency. A strong director and dedicated fundraiser with many years of experience, he ensures that the agency runs smoothly and that nothing gets in the way of supporting our clients and their causes. Graeme’s dog Bernadette is a frequent visitor to the office.

Lindsay Brown
Client Services Director

+ About Lindsay

Lindsay is a data-driven fundraising leader with 12 years of experience in higher education, healthcare, and charitable organizations. She brings her passion for learning and strategy to her role as Client Services Director, where she partners with mission-driven organizations to connect with supporters and maximize resources. Lindsay enjoys the thrill and challenge that comes with moving to a new place, having grown up in the Arizona desert, and lived in London and Boston before landing in Montreal.

Ada Nazzari
Head of Creative

+ About Ada

After spending over 18 years in the consumer products and retail sectors, first riding ATVs and watercraft, and most recently dabbling in diamonds and the world of luxury jewellery, Ada joined FD as Head of Creative. She’s passionate about brand strategy and digging into consumer insights and is using her marketing skills to help drive social change. When she’s not devising brand strategy, you’ll find her in the kitchen living out her second passion: baking.

Sarah Wise
Operations Director

+ About Sarah

Sarah has over twenty years experience in the fundraising industry and a passion for human rights. With a degree in Law and a post-graduate Legal Masters in ‘International Development Law & Human Rights’, Sarah combines her knowledge and experience to raise funds for humanitarian causes and beyond! Sarah loves to read and workout in her spare time, as well as spend time working on the garden.

Chris Martin
Client Strategy Manager

+ About Chris

Chris draws on his experience in international development to help bring a different perspective to tackling problems and providing innovative solutions. FD’s resident Excel-expert, Chris enjoys diving into the numbers to help optimize campaigns.  When he is not analyzing a spreadsheet or devising a formula you will often find Chris world-building with his writing group or reading some new feminist laden comic.

Maia Haeberle-Savard
Account Manager

+ About Maia

Maia stepped into the world of fundraising right after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and hasn’t looked back since. With a passion for client servicing and an undying thirst for knowledge, she loves digging deep into data almost as much as she thrives on researching script content. In her spare time, you might find Maia cuddling with the occasional foster kitten, testing out different sushi restaurants, or shamelessly winning the office step count challenge.

Sabrina Pandolfo
Account Manager

+ About Sabrina

Sabrina joined the FD Accounts team in 2019, looking to combine her background in marketing with her dedication to drive social change. In her spare time, you can find Sabrina catching up on some of her favourite podcasts or listening to the latest music releases.

Tessa Star
Account Manager

+ About Tessa

With a commitment to servicing the non-profit and charitable sector, Tessa chose to transfer her skills as a sales manager into the world of fundraising. Having originally started at FD as a telephone fundraiser, her numerous conversations with donors have given her invaluable insight into their diverse motivations for providing ongoing support. While Tessa is definitely a city person, she will take any opportunity she can to spend time out in nature.

Shannon Timmins
Account Manager

+ About Shannon

With a background in economics and international development, Shannon brings a solution-oriented approach to fundraising. She is the office mathlete and is passionate about finding data-driven strategies to optimize fundraising programs and enact positive change. When she’s not working, you can usually find Shannon baking an extravagant cake while drinking her 7th coffee of the day.

Nathan Morrison
Content & Mobile Manager

+ About Nathan

Nathan’s first step into the world of fundraising was as an alumni caller for his university – ever since, he has been passionate about finding ways to leverage that experience in support of charitable causes. Having spent a year managing telephone campaigns at FD, Nathan uses his firsthand experience with donor conversations to produce compelling content for our fundraising teams. In his spare time, you will almost definitely find him immersed in a good book, or in the kitchen trying to master a new recipe.

Tessa Dufour
Account Coordinator

+ About Tessa

Tessa recently joined the team at FD after earning a Master of Arts degree in English Literature and acquiring some marketing experience in the publishing industry. Passionate about research and social change, she strives to use her creative and analytical skills to help charitable causes. When she is not found re-organizing her bookshelf according to her new whim of the week, you may find her either looking for her newest poetry, or indie game recommendations.

Sara Mumtaz
Account Coordinator

+ About Sara

Sara joined the FD Accounts Management team in June 2021, looking to use her experience as a fundraiser and background in economics to bring a data-driven approach to fundraising. She loves to swim, cycle and try new cuisines.

Shilp Pandya
Account Coordinator

+ About Shilp

With a background in Engineering and Operations, Shilp decided to transfer his problem-solving skills into the non-profit and charitable sector. Having spent a year at FD as a telephone fundraiser and managing day to day operations as Floor Support, Shilp brings his valuable insights to optimize fundraising campaigns. In his free time, you can usually find him either travelling or learning a new recipe in his kitchen.

Nikini Yakandawela
Account Coordinator

+ About Nikini

Nikini joined the FD team armed with a passion for social change. She has a background in Global Development and Economics and enjoys learning different marketing and research techniques to bring more excitement to her clients’ various charitable causes. In her free time, you can find Nikini diving into a good book, finding delicious food spots or spending time outside. 

Ai Yin Han
Graphic Designer

+ About Ai Yin

With over 10 years working in the field, Ai Yin has established herself as a seasoned graphic designer. Whether it’s creating the perfect direct mail pack, an online donation page, an email, social media advertising or video editing, Ai Yin is always up for a new creative challenge. In her free time, Ai Yin likes doing crafts anything DIY. She is also a fantasy and animated movie lover. She also enjoys hiking, cycling, and playing badminton with her friends and family.

Camila Henrique
Data Team Lead

+ About Camila

With a background in database technology, Camila loves helping clients get value out of their data. She is passionate about navigating between the tech and non-tech worlds and believes in the power of combining the two of them. In her spare time, she can be found doing yoga, drawing and reading many books at the same time.

Sherry Zhang
Data Coordinator

+ About Sherry

With a background in statistics and a passion for data science, Sherry loves to utilize data to solve problems in the world of fundraising to create positive change. Her poodle often shows up in the Zoom team meetings because he will catch any chance to jump on her empty lap for a great nap.