25 years of experience with a track record in innovation and results

At Fundraising Direct we are passionate about innovation and creativity. We deliver fundraising solutions that drive progress and change, and support the mission of our clients, the leading not-for profit organizations and charities in Canada.

We believe in a donor-centric approach and put the supporter relationship at the centre of everything we do. Your mission, data and supporter insights drive the execution across all channels, including out of home, digital, direct mail and telephone.

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To deliver creative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations and fundraising goals


A community of prosperous and progressive not-for-profit organizations achieving success


  • To pursue creativity and innovation driven by strategic insights and data analysis
  • To act with dignity and respect
  • To deepen the supporter relationship and their engagement journey
  • To value every donation and gift of every size and impact
  • To convey enthusiasm and pride in everything we do


Karl Holweger
After 25 years of creating fundraising programs for UK charities and running one of the UK’s largest fundraising agencies Karl decided to move to a place with less rain, proper mountains and a progressive government. Apart from helping clients to come up with great fundraising strategy, his main role is as the agencies coffee-boy. When not busy running the agency Karl can be found on any type of board. (snow, kite or long)


Graeme Binning
Managing Director
With a track record in running operations in four different countries, and the inaugural employee at Fundraising Direct, Graeme has a hand in everything that goes on at the agency. A strong director and dedicated fundraiser with many years of experience, he ensures that the agency runs smoothly and that nothing gets in the way of supporting our clients and their causes. Graeme’s dog Bernadette is a frequent visitor to the office.


Vanessa Landry
Director of Client Services
Passionate about social impact and innovation, Vanessa has spent nearly 10 years running fundraising and marketing campaigns in Australia and the UK, and has joined FD to have wider impact across the Canadian market. She can often be found getting her zen on in the yoga studio or boarding a flight to yet another exciting destination. While she is Canadian originally, her favourite game is having people guess her very confusing accent after 25 years abroad.


Shannon Pinder
Account Director
Shannon moved from Gatineau to Montreal for the faster pace of life. Driven to deliver excellence, she now runs a wide range of fundraising campaigns within the agency. Shannon is particularly experienced in direct mail projects and event stewardship programs. When not fundraising she represents Canada in international boxing championships and as a result is good at keeping the rest of the agency in line.


Joanne Walsh
Account Director

Jo has recently made the move to Montreal’s cooler climate from sunny Sydney. After five years working as a project manager in the Asia Pacific not-for-profit sector, Jo made the decision to take that experience and passion for helping communities on the ground and apply it to creating mission based fundraising campaigns. When not working with clients, Jo can be found looking for the best flight deals and next opportunity to get on a plane.


Morgan Steacy
Account Manager
After 10 years living and working in China, Morgan decided to return to his home roots and with all that experience he brings a certain Taoist approach to fundraising at the agency. Morgan is extremely passionate about the causes that we support and is responsible for working with his clients to create great fundraising campaigns. In his spare time Morgan loves existentialist thoughts, running, stuffing sausages and drinking bold coffee, but not all at the same time.


Bryn Symonds
Creative Manager
A recent convert to the world of fundraising, Bryn brings a fresh eye to the business. With extensive experience in advertising and marketing, Bryn fosters creative solutions and champions innovation at all donor touchpoints. He knows that new ideas drive growth and keep your supporters engaged. Bryn lives in the country and likes walking through the forest and quiet Sunday mornings.


Claire MacDonald
Print Manager
Claire has been involved for over 15 years in organising and producing direct mail and print projects for hundreds of different organisations. Claire is great at driving projects forward and ensures that all our mailings are printed and go out on time. When not working Claire likes to spend time in the sun especially during our Montreal winters.