Analyzing Your Year-End Results To Ensure Long-Term Success

Your end-of-year appeal is over and I’m sure you have been tracking each gift as they arrived – through the website, phone, or mail and hopefully over social media and SMS. How did your end-of-year fundraising tally up?

Now is the time to take a moment to celebrate, 2020 presented an unprecedented fundraising landscape and donations should be celebrated and thanked! Once you have finished high-fiving your team, it’s time to analyze your results and find the key data points that will drive the success of your next appeal.

The strategy for each campaign should be built on data-driven insights from previous campaigns. From appeal creative, to who receives what messaging, the appeal should be a culmination of deliberate decisions based on your past successes and learning. 

Here are a few data points we recommend every fundraiser analyze when assessing their end-of-year giving:

Deriving meaningful actions from your data can be complicated and time-consuming. If you don’t have the capacity in your team at the moment, Fundraising Direct has a team of data analysts happy to take a deep dive into your results and deliver a host of data insights and recommendations that can ensure you have a roadmap to future appeal success. Contact us today.