Why you should be using professional fundraisers

A charity’s donors are its lifeblood. These are the people that ensure your programs are sustainable and that you’re progressing your mission. With the opportunity to contact these supporters via telephone just once or twice per year, would you feel comfortable putting your donors in the hands of eager volunteers? Or would you feel better about having the outreach done by professionally trained, passionate, and resourced fundraisers?

While volunteers are an incredible resource for supporting your organization, we are here to make the case that when you are speaking to your donors, you are only using the best possible resource.

Here is why working with professional telephone fundraisers is the right choice for any organization:


Professional telephone fundraising maintains all of the technology necessary for calling supporters on a mass marketing scale, ensuring you can contact the maximum number of supporters in a cost-effective way. This technology investment also means your donors have a seamless calling experience.  


Professionally written scripts rely on fundraising best practice and are infused with the passion, themes, and the brand of each organization.


Working with an agency allows you to take advantage of best practices when it comes to your data. Effective data segmentation and performance driver analysis is applied before, during, and after the campaign to ensure the right people are always being called at the right time.


Professional telephone fundraisers benefit from in-depth training and coaching. Effective telephone agencies use comprehensive quality monitoring and coaching to ensure each campaign has the best results possible and every donor contacted has the best possible experience.


Data security compliance is of utmost importance when working with donor data and personal information. Working with a reputable telephone fundraising provider can help protect your donor data and reduce the risk of data and security breaches.

When choosing a partner to work with for your telephone fundraising, ensure you do your due diligence. Make sure the provider you select is aligned with all industry guidelines for making outbound calls, as defined by the CRTC. And most importantly, that they are compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for securing donor data as well as Canada’s Personal Information and Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Looking to do some telephone outreach to your donors this year? Want to know more about the benefits of using professional fundraisers? Contact us today and we’d love to chat you through it.