Tactical or Strategic?

As an organization that has the privilege of running integrated fundraising strategies for some of Canada’s most impactful charities, we see firsthand the incredible power of the telephone in connecting with donors. Whether it be for a simple stewardship activity, an emergency cash appeal, or a conversion to monthly giving no channel is as effective as the phone.

There are some factors however that will limit your results. One of the factors we find most frequently is approaching your telephone campaign as an independent tactic and not considering it as part of an integrated fundraising strategy.

This approach is most frequently used when an organization is using volunteers to man the phones or when they have outsourced small independent campaigns. 

If these factors are looking familiar, you are running a tactical telephone campaign. While it may seem cheaper to run smaller independent telephone campaigns, you are wasting your investment over the long term.

To lift results and improve donor experience, it’s time to think strategically about how you are using the telephone to truly maximize your response and investment.

By integrating your phone strategy with your direct mail, SMS, event, and peer-to-peer programs you are amplifying your impact, ensuring the highest response, and delivering a seamless donor experience!

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