Pop Up Restaurant

I was due to see Hiba at 3:30 on Friday Dec 2. I met her, Jamal at the social workers for an update meeting. Then we picked up the kids, then went shopping for all the food necessary for the pop up restaurant. We stopped at a shop for vegetables, fruits, herbs, then to a different shop for halal meat. That night Hiba did the vine leaves, and also did the stuffed courgettes which are the most labour intensive. The morning of Dec 3 they arrived to our house at 10:30. A couple of hours later I took the kids out and then the serious cooking started. We returned at 6pm to a clean, fragrant house, and a very tired Hiba! People started arriving at 7pm – we had 17 people turn up in the end – we had a full house and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and loved the food! Our last guests left together in an uber about midnight.