First Halloween

Halloween in 2016 falls on a Monday night. Not ideal since it’s a school night, but we figured we had to get Jamal, Hiba, Ahmed, and Ayham over to experience Halloween on our street that is famous for lots of kids and lots of houses handing out candy. They arrived about 5 pm, I had tried to explain what would happen but with their basic English and my few words of Arabic I don’t think they really understood. It’s something they will just have to see for themselves.
First kids arrived about 5:30 so then we all went out, the boys were not dressed up but it didn’t matter. Ahmad wore a bat headband that Savanna had made at school and we went out. Ayham did just our block – eating candy as he was given it – so Hiba and Jamal took him back to our house and started handing out our candy – I later learned Hiba was giving 3 items per person, that explains why we ran out so early! – but no matter – we had a great night together, great food as always.
They went home about 9 pm and later that night I received a text from Jamal, posing on the metro next to someone in a very scary mask!