Using SMS to Help Double Direct Mail Response

FD Case Study

Over the past decade Fundraising Direct has been working with our clients to test the most effective ways to integrate mobile giving into ongoing and new individual giving programs and the fundraising strategies driving their success.  Whether it is a stewardship strategy, monthly giving upgrade mechanism or donor engagement tool, we’ve consistently found that SMS is a simple, responsive, and cost-effective means of connecting with donors.

Last year, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and FD did just that with some surprisingly positive results.

Gifts of Light is CAMH’s yearlong symbolic giving program that is 100% funded through donations. Its aim is to work with patients, families, and front line clinical staff to identify the gaps in treatment of patients at CAMH and improve the patient experience. This is achieved through the organization of special events and programming, as well as through the provision of necessities like clean clothes and something as simple as a pair of socks!

When designing last year’s appeal promoting the symbolic giving catalogue, FD looked at how to further boost engagement by integrating SMS to increase overall campaign response from the local community.

To test whether a pre-mail engagement SMS received just before the Gifts of Light catalogue mail drop would increase a donor’s likelihood to respond to the appeal.


Those donors who received an SMS urging them to respond to the upcoming mailing were TWICE as likely to make a donation towards the appeal.  

An SMS appeal can be set up in as little as 3 days and costs are on a pay-as-you-go basis so there is no ongoing commitment. If you’re looking for a simple and very cost-effective way of improving your end-of-year fundraising
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