Integrated Lottery Lead Generation

If we have learned anything over the last two years, it is that sustainability should be at the core of fundraising planning. While single events or appeals may have a short-term high impact, outside factors can force them from your strategy in a matter of weeks!

Monthly donors should be at the center of your sustainable fundraising plan, they are a long-term, high-impact fundraising income stream.  Fundraising Direct has developed a simple and effective solution for generating monthly donor leads at scale – Integrated Lottery Lead Generation. A long-term, high-impact fundraising income stream.

The 50/50 lottery is a fundraising concept where everyone wins. The proceeds of each purchased ticket go into a centralized jackpot. To end the draw, the winning number is randomly selected with the lucky winner receiving half of the proceeds and the other half benefitting the associated charity or non-profit of the lottery.

FD and its partners have combined the 50/50 Lottery with an integrated donor conversion journey designed to turn your lottery supporters into monthly givers and increase your overall campaign profitability.  Each person who purchased a lottery ticket in support of your organization is stewarded through a multi-channel engagement journey, deepening their connection to the organization before being contacted on a telephone conversion campaign.

Here are just a few reasons you should look at an Integrated Lottery Lead Generation Campaign as part of your post-Covid-19 fundraising plans:

1) It’s a new method to acquire new donors, reengage lapsed donors, and deepen the connection with existing donors.

2) It’s low risk.

3) It’s available for online and offline delivery.

4) Reaching engaged lottery buyers offers cost-effective lead conversion to aid the growth of your monthly donor file

Fundraising Direct is an industry leader in generating and engaging long-term donors for some of Canada’s largest not-for-profit organizations.

To assess how an Integrated Lottery Lead Generation Campaign could work for your organization or if your lottery program could be developed to better support your monthly giving goals contact