Burkini Bathing

We have been to their pool several times while it has been so hot. Hiba only would dip her feet as she didn’t have the right clothes. One day Jamal surprised her by buying her a burkini! She is so happy! Now she can swim with us.


Jamal and Hiba’s apartment building had a problem with bed bugs. An exterminator had visited twice but they took matters into their own hands and told me they were moving! They left most of the furniture behind and have bought new mattresses, sofas, and table and chairs. The salesman at the Brick was from Syria …

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Chores and Chicken

Today we managed to strike off 2 items from our to do list. Jamal and Hiba both saw a dentist (I took the kids to a park to play for the hour) and Hiba’s glasses needed replacing. I found an optician who speaks Arabic and Hiba’s new glasses were updated and ready within the hour. …

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Eid mubarak!

Ramadan is finishing next week. The celebrations at the end of Ramadan are called Eid and all the family needs to have new clothes. They managed to find clothes for both adults on St Catherine Street but couldn’t find clothes for their children. While looking they wandered into a shop and saw some nice clothes …

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Ramadan starts next week. As Muslims Jamal and Hiba will both fast from sunrise to sunset for a month. It will be a difficult month in the middle of summer with long days in Canada!

Spring has Sprung

After being here 3 months Jamal remembered that he is allowed to have his name on the Koodo bill rather than mine. So he reminded me and we went together to the kiosk in the mall to change it over. Here is a photo of the family playing in our local park. We are happy …

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First Meal Out

The first two weeks have been very hectic in settling the family in to their new home and ensuring that everything was in place for them to feel safe and welcome. In their first few days we have been running around arranging the various services and things that they will need from getting their medical …

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