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Due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 many organizations have had to completely re-evaluate their fundraising strategies for 2020.   This year alone the cancellation of activities, including events and face-to-face fundraising, are projected to lose the Canadian Charitable sector $9.5 billion (Imagine Canada, Press Release March 26 2020).

The work of fundraisers has never been more vital to securing an organization’s financial stability. As many fundraising and engagement opportunities are cancelled to ensure staff and supporter safety, fundraisers are having to engage innovative channels and messaging to maintain donation income.

How COVID-19 is impacting fundraising

The good news we’ve heard from around the globe and that we are experiencing with our clients, is that while channels such as events and face-to-face have come to a halt other channels such as telephone, direct mail, digital, and SMS are still bringing in donation income and have actually seen an increase in response.

To validate this, we have been actively surveying donors from a broad variety of organizations to get a more comprehensive overview of the impact of COVID-19 on fundraising in Canada, please contact to receive a copy of these results.

How we can help your organization respond

Based on our experience in responding to emergencies and international industry consultation, Fundraising Direct is recommending two campaign approaches for those organizations looking to increase cash giving and ensure donor sustainability.

Integrated Emergency Cash Appeal

In order to have the most impact and generate the greatest results, FD recommends a multi-channel integrated emergency campaign incorporating SMS, Telephone, and Direct Mail.


The aim of this campaign is to:

  • Acquire immediate cash gifts through an integrated communication program.
  • Convert emergency donors to monthly giving for support post-emergency or tied to long-term emergency recovery.

If acquiring donors to support your immediate work is your current priority, contact us today to find out how this campaign can be catered to your organization’s needs.

Monthly Donor Stewardship

This is the time to fortify the monthly donor revenue stream and ensure sustainable fundraising growth post-emergency. Stewardship strategies can be employed to ensure retention rates are maintained and donors continue to feel connected to the organization’s mission.

Fundraising Direct has refined three forms of stewardship that have proven to be successful in increasing monthly donor retention and revenue.

How we can help your organization respond

Fundraising Direct is the leading emergency response fundraising agency in Canada. We have developed robust processes to ensure we can deploy an emergency appeal within 72 hours. Our fundraisers are specifically trained on conducting thoughtful and effective emergency calling.

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We are offering free strategic support to organizations to help them navigate this unprecedented challenge. We will assess your challenges and offer solutions to increase revenue and ensure donor sustainability.

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