What is a Monthly First Organization and Why You Should Be One

You have convinced your board in the value of investing in monthly donors, you have developed an integrated monthly donor acquisition program, and you have a user tested your online monthly donor signup – What is the next level of monthly giving success? How can you radically increase your monthly donors numbers and financial impact?

You need to move your monthly donor program from being just one offering to being the offering, you need to become a monthly first organization. 

Here are some signs of what makes a successful monthly first organization:

  • – Everyone at the organization, from your donor support staff to your board of directors, is not only aware but actively championing monthly giving

  • – Your website reflects that’s monthly giving is the key means of supporting your mission, it’s the default donation setting!

  • – Your communications strategy actively promotes monthly giving as the most sustainable means of supporting your organization.

Monthly first organizations are at the forefront of giving practices, they are the pioneers changing supporter behavior from occasional cash giving to mission focused investing.