Starting 2021 with Gratitude

As we enter the holiday season and reflect on the year that was, everyone here at Fundraising Direct continues to be blown away by the incredible generosity shown by donors in 2020. When faced with a global health crisis, Canadians were able to think beyond the impact of the pandemic on their own lives and reached out to support charities in health, housing, food security, and international development at unprecedented levels. Canadians’ commitment to supporting charitable organizations never wavered, it only strengthened.

At Fundraising Direct, we had the privilege of representing our clients during many of these acts of generosity. From making an extra yearly donation to support humanitarian organizations working tirelessly to support more vulnerable populations during COVID-19 to increasing their monthly gift to a hospital charity here in Canada on the front lines of this pandemic, the conversations we have been part of have left us incredibly proud to be part of this community.

Therefore, we are encouraging all our clients and anyone in fundraising to start your year with donor gratitude! Before you dive into the next cash appeal or start strategizing about how to integrate SMS into your upcoming email campaign, reflect on how you are showing your appreciation and support for your donors.

Whether it be a large-scale stewardship telephone campaign to speak directly to your donors, a thank you postcard donors can place on their fridge or a simple SMS – every donor deserves special acknowledgement in 2021.

Every gift in 2020 has meant a little bit more, so please reach out to your donors to let them know.