Is TikTok the Next Fundraising Frontier?

As a fundraising agency dedicated to finding and perfecting the next fundraising innovation, we have been keeping a close eye on TikTok and its potential for use in fundraising. Unlike many other social media channels that we’ve already demonstrated as effective fundraising tools, we held back on TikTok.

There are two key drivers of our hesitation:

Producing a large volume of mission-driven, quality, video content is hard! Not a lot of organizations have the communications teams with the time and resources to integrate another video channel effectively.

 Where are the leads? A key limitation of social media fundraising is the effective development of long-term relationships with donors outside of the social media platform where you met.

There have been some changes on TikTok over the last 18 months that have made us revisit the platform and reassess its potential.

Firstly, you cannot underestimate the growth and reach of TikTok. In January 2021, the platform had 689 million monthly active users worldwide (TikTok Data Report, 2021) meaning its growth has been faster than both Instagram and Facebook. Its younger audience should also be a point of interest for charities, Millennials and Generation Z were the most significant contributors to charities throughout the global pandemic (Zelle Consumer Payment Behaviors Report). By leveraging TikTok you could be creating a consistent pipeline for the next generation of donors to your organization, future-proofing your fundraising strategy. 

Secondly, through the fundraising platform Tiltify, TikTok is now offering direct-to-cause fundraising opportunities. Through the use of Donation Stickers, TikTok users can add a donation link to their profile, activating an organization’s name below the user’s bio. Tiltify provides a simple fundraising call-to-action and access to those users who donated to your cause.

The reach and demographic of TikTok combined with the new donation process could make it one of the most attractive fundraising platforms out there. An inherently personal connection is at the heart of TikTok content. Whether you’re aligning your content with a current TikTok trend or featuring behind-the-scenes access, its personal style video content allows organizations to illustrate their mission and demonstrate impact, and nothing is a more powerful driver to donate than that.