From the Street to the Phone: Growing Your Monthly Giving File During a Global Pandemic

As most fundraising professionals know, one of the most effective ways to grow a monthly giving file at scale is through face-to-face canvassing. These smiling brand ambassadors are the face of fundraising, out on the streets looking to engage with your next potential donor. Sadly, with the rise of COVID-19 this was one of the first channels of fundraising to be shut down when the global pandemic hit.  

Income generated by monthly donors is more important than ever. Most organizations are urgently requiring sustainable funding and donors are looking for ways they can support their community. This is where Fundraising Direct has been working with organizations to pivot their strategy to optimize existing phone activity and explore new ways to use this channel.


Passionate People is Why Phone Works!

 For highly personalized, donor centric communication the phone cannot be surpassed. A well-trained, passionate fundraiser is an extension of your brand, a friendly voice offering your donors a way to deepen their engagement at a time when they know your organization needs it the most. This is not a cold call or a random interaction, fundraisers come equipped with all your historical knowledge of the donor and are ready to build on the relationship you have already started. I may be biased, but I believe the telephone fundraisers at Fundraising Direct are some the most talented people in our industry. During this time of crisis, they have pivoted effortlessly to working from home, and each day strive to motivate, encourage, and inspire donors.

 Why Now?

 I hope all fundraisers reading this are starting to review their end-of-year appeal results and reflect on the incredible generosity donors extended to them. In-order to optimize your end-of-year appeal and effectively steward your cash donors towards monthly giving, you should be calling them no more than three months after they made their gift. Donors are actively seeking additional ways to support organizations through this period of uncertainty, now is the time to give them a call and provide that opportunity.

More than ever, the telephone remains one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching, engaging, and converting donors to support your cause in the long run.

Please reach out today to find out how you can start converting your cash donors and building a sustainable monthly giving file!