Strategic solutions to build your supporter base and achieve your goals


Powerful digital tools are essential to today’s fundraising. We deliver seamless execution across new and traditional channels driving your success and continued growth. We can help you acquire supporters online through advocacy, petitions, surveys, and information requests.

How we can support you

  • Design and development of new online supporter acquisition programs
  • Email messages, newsletters, and appeals
  • Online supporter stewardship
  • E-blasts and messaging
  • Multi-channel integration

Mobile & TTD

Your organization has decided to include mobile fundraising as part of your latest campaign. Where do you begin?

Let Fundraising Direct guide you through the process. We can tailor our offering to your needs, whether it’s strategic consulting on how to set up the campaign, how to best promote your active short code in the market for better response, or simply to execute an already pre-determined campaign.

Fundraising Direct is the leading, certified Application Service Provider (ASP) in Canada. We have a long established partnership with the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC) and have designed and delivered text-to-donate campaigns across Canada for various organizations.

Before launching a text to donate campaign, you will need to select an ASP who handles the technical and tactical. Contact us today! 

How we can support you

  • Designing and delivering text-to-donate campaigns across Canada
  • Creative solutions that are designed to disrupt and drive mobile response
  • Mobile strategies and plans for cash donation, monthly conversion, and mobile stewardship
  • Cost-effective media plans
  • Short-code mobile platforms for text donations
  • Long code mobile platforms for advocacy and information

Telephone Services

We deliver high quality, successful, results-based telephone fundraising campaigns. We are pioneers in new approaches that maximize fundraising income, build supporter loyalty, and improve your growth strategies for traditional and new audiences.

How we can support you

  • Team of passionate and dedicated fundraisers

  • Professional script development and writing

  • Advanced data management and reporting

Types of campaigns we can run for you:

  • New donor welcome
  • Active cash conversion
  • Lapsed cash reactivation
  • Pledge cash calling
  • Monthly upgrade cross-sell
  • Monthly giving acquisition
  • Planned giving fundraising
  • Monthly giving reactivation
  • Cash calling
  • Emergency calling
  • Prospect conversion
  • Inbound response handling
  • Telephone research and surveys

Direct Mail

We build strategies and programs driven by supporter insights and data analysis designed to maximize income, ROI, and supporter engagement. Most importantly, we bring your mission to life through inspiring personal stories that inspire and motivate supporters to take action.

How we can support you

  • Program design and planning

  • Creative and design services

  • Copywriting

  • Print and Production

  • Data and supporter base audits

  • List management for acquisition and house campaigns


Monthly Giving

Fundraising Direct is the leading expert in monthly giving strategy. We specialize shifting organizations from a reliance on cash gifts to managing robust and sustainable monthly giving programs.

Your most sustainable revenue stream already exists within your database. FD’s expertise lies in identifying your donors most likely to convert to monthly giving, contacting them on the most successful channel then ensuring they support your organizing for the long term. 


How we can support you


  • Multi-channel strategies for monthly and annual giving plans

  • Integrated direct mail, telephone and SMS cash conversion to monthly giving campaigns

  • Monthly donor stewardship strategy  

  • Monthly giving upgrade campaigns via phone and SMS

  • Monthly giving welcome pack design and implementation

  • Donor journey development

  • Integrated solutions

Annual Giving

At FD, we specialize in integrated fundraising campaigns across telephone, direct mail, mobile, and digital. We can help you grow and retain your annual and monthly giving files with a focus on insight-driven fundraising strategies as well as help you grow your acquisition program. We can support you in developing, implementing and executing your annual and monthly giving plans.

How we can support you

  • Multi-channel strategies for monthly and annual giving plans

  • Strategic planning

  • Consultation

  • Implementation and analysis

  • Donor insights and analysis

  • Donor journey development

  • Integrated solutions