Our Top 5 Tips for Giving Tuesday!

To help finalize your Giving Tuesday strategy, Fundraising Direct has reviewed our most effective Giving Tuesday Campaigns and compiled our top five tips to ensure your campaign exceeds the target!

  1. Put Mission at the Center

People will find, support, and promote your cause if they believe in your mission! Finding stories that speak directly to the impact your organization makes should be the basis for your Giving Tuesday content strategy.  While large-scale statistics often make for good infographics, the most compelling and urgent content is often the personal stories of those who have directly benefited from your organization

2. Design the Right Content for the Right Channel

Spend the time ensuring that your messages have been designed for the channel that they will live on. The same beneficiary story should be told in several different ways, depending on the channel you would like to promote it on. While Giving Tuesday is primarily driven on digital platforms, don’t forget your other channels – your newsletter, events, building lobby – these are great avenues to engage your already motivated donors.

3. Make it Easy

Think about your donor journey from beginning to end. For each-call-to action you post, deliberately consider how someone will go from that post/video/image – to donating. Put instructions for donating via text or a direct link to your donation form on every post “e.g. To ensure the Canadian Red Cross can be there for other families like Sarah’s, text FIRE to 45678.”

Don’t forget to review your donation form, if it is not mobile compatible you are leaving donations behind!

4. Engage with User Generated Content

Given the right tools (a campaign-specific hashtag, easily sharable artwork,) your current supporters can be your biggest source of free campaign content. Not only does this help share your campaign with a wider audience, but it also builds relationships with your donors.

5. Stewardship, Stewardship, Stewardship!

Planning your stewardship strategy well in advance ensures it’s rolled out on time with minimal extra effort for your team. Consider making it a multi-stage journey for your donors, with an initial thank you followed up by sharing the impact of the donations made on Giving Tuesday, all leading to a compelling ask to convert to monthly giving!