As a fundraising professionals, we understand the value of an integrated, multi-channel monthly donor program.  A well-crafted monthly donor program with the capacity to make a financial impact takes investment of time, team resources and budget. Let Fundraising Direct craft an integrated annual monthly giving program that ensures your donors have the best possible experience and your organization is sustainable for the long term.

No matter how well you know your major donors or how accurately you can predict the outcome of your next cash appeal, monthly donors are still the most reliable source of individual giving income. The average time on file for a monthly donors is 4 years, that can provide your organization with the security to plan programming and impact for years to come.

Fundraising Direct is the leading expert in monthly giving. We specialize shifting organizations from a reliance on cash gifts to managing robust and sustainable monthly giving programs.

How we can support you

  • Integrated direct mail, telephone and SMS cash conversion to monthly giving campaigns
  • Monthly donor stewardship strategy
  • Monthly giving upgrade campaigns via phone and SMS
  • Monthly giving welcome pack design and implementation