Karl Holweger

Will Mobile Transform Canadian Fundraising?

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Incorporating mobile support into fundraising programs has transformed individual giving in many countries around the world. It has re-invigorated tired channels and created new ways to engage supporters. Could mobile deliver the same big changes to Canadian fundraising? What is Mobile Fundraising? Mobile fundraising engages new and existing supporters through text-to-donate, text-to-support and text-to-get campaigns. It is a way you can reach out to new supporter audiences and start a conversation. These individuals can take their support even further especially … Read More “Will Mobile Transform Canadian Fundraising?”

6 Things Every Fundraiser Needs to Know about Monthly Donors

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Every fundraiser knows that monthly donors are much more valuable to their organization than one time cash givers. But how can you be sure that you are getting the best out of your monthly donors? Here are 6 essential things you need to know about monthly givers. 1) Exactly how valuable is a monthly giver? As fundraisers, we all know that a monthly giver is more valuable than a cash supporter but do you know exactly how much more valuable … Read More “6 Things Every Fundraiser Needs to Know about Monthly Donors”

West Island Palliative Care
Donor Engagement

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Goal – Donor engagement Our client West Island Palliative Care (the Residence) provides a unique environment of love and personal care to people who are facing the end of their lives through terminal illness. The charity has an active and passionate support base, many of who have had family members and close friends experience a terminal illness and may have also seen firsthand the dignified and unique end of life experience that the Residence provides. For the annual fall appeal … Read More “West Island Palliative Care
Donor Engagement”